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How does Agrisorb Work
The Soda lime is contained in an absorber, appropriately sized for the application. The gas is passed through the absorber and the CO2 is removed by a base catalyzed chemical reaction, converting the CO2 to Calcium Carbonate that is retained within the absorber. The absorber will have a finite life based on the quantity of Soda lime contained and the level of CO2 within the treated gas. The absorber will remove all of the CO2 (if appropriately sized for the application) and once the Soda lime is consumed, CO2 breakthrough will occur and the CO2 level in the exiting gas stream begins to increase.

When put in contact with an acidic gas like CO2, a strong, exothermic (heat producing) reaction takes place that gives off water and binds the CO2 by forming a stable Calcium Carbonate. When binding to other acidic gases, other calcium or sodium salts are formed. The Soda Lime offered here contains a color indicator that aids in indicating the useful life of the Soda Lime. As the Soda Lime becomes less effective at binding CO2, the color of the Soda Lime changes to indicate exhaustion of property. This color change should not be the sole method of determining when to replace the absorbent, but it is an indication of use.