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Chemical Properties of Agrisorb?
The primary constituents of soda lime include:
  • Calcium Hydroxide - Ca(OH) 2
  • Water - H2O
  • Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH
Chemical Reactions which take place to bind CO2

The general description of the reaction is as follows:

First the gaseous CO2 reacts with water to form carbonic acid - H2CO3. Then the NaOH reacts with the carbonic acid to produce Na2CO2 and H2O. The Na2CO2 reacts with the Ca(OH)2 that has been disassociated into Calcium and Hydroxide Ions. (Ca++ and OH-) to produce CaC02 (calcium carbonate, otherwise known as limestone.) The CO2 is now in a relatively stable state. There is a net production of three H2O molecules for every molecule of CO2 which is taken in. Please Note that water is an important part of the reaction that takes place to bind the CO2.