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NaDCC (SDIC) Tablets

Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate Tablets,Chlorine Tablets,Aquapura Tablets,Water Sterlizing Tablets Exporters
CO2 Absorber Design
When sizing a CO2 absorber for a particular application, it is important to understand the effect of various parameters (flow rate, CO2 concentration, temperature, pressure, humidity etc.) on the capacity and life expectancy of the absorber. Griposorb (Soda Lime) is an absorbent that converts the carbon dioxide from a gas to a stable solid which is retained within the absorber. It is possible to predict relatively accurately the capacity of the absorber and therefore the life expectancy for a given set of conditions. Variations in the conditions can significantly affect the predicted life expectancy and therefore it is important to understand the operating envelope of any absorber design. While Akron Care does not offer engineering design services, we can offer advice on absorber design and can provide predicted performance for a given set of conditions.