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NaDCC (SDIC) Tablets

Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate Tablets,Chlorine Tablets,Aquapura Tablets,Water Sterlizing Tablets Exporters
Packing Options Available
Individual Packing:
250Gms / 500 Gms / 1Kg / 2Kg / 4Kg / 4.5Kg / 5Kg in an air tight plastic, wide mouthed squarish container, with handle worthy of transporting anywhere in the world.

Commercial/Industrial/Bulk Packing:
25Kgs / 40 Kgs / 50 Kgs in Fiber / Plastic Drums worthy of transportation anywhere in the world.

170Kg in Metal Drum.

Customized Packing Option (CPO Facility) as per Customerís Specifications also available.

We can Supply Soda Lime in a variety of Packing Sizes suitable for the majority of hospital, military, and naval operated rebreathers. Our product is specifically formulated to offer optimum CO2 absorption efficiency, ease of use and value for money.