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Diving and Safety Application of Agrisorb

Diving and Safety Applications:

Agrisorb (Soda Lime) removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled breath of a diver using a rebreather. Agrisorb (Soda Lime) has special characteristics that make it one of the best CO2 absorbents for use in rebreathers.


  • Agrisorb (Soda Lime) is used in navies, for use in submarines and by divers.
  • Agrisorb absorbs carbon dioxide in helium-oxygen breathing systems, hyperbaric chambers and scuba apparatus.
  • In diving applications, Agrisorb is used to maintain carbon dioxide below harmful levels in both closed-circuit rebreathers and in saturation dive systems for commercial deep sea diving.
  • Agrisorb (Soda Lime) is used for removing Carbon Dioxide from Diving Rebreathers.
  • Agrisorb (Soda Lime) is a chemical technology for removal of Carbon Dioxide from manned enclosed atmospheres, such as submarine, and closed circuit breathing apparatus, such as rebreathers.
  • The major applications of Soda Lime are in breathable gas applications where carbon dioxide levels need to be controlled, for in commercial and leisure diving rebreathers, or in submarines. In these applications, the breathable air is recirculated for re-use and therefore any exhaled carbon dioxide needs to be removed in order to prevent a build-up of carbon dioxide to toxic levels.
  • Agrisorb finds application in naval and tourist vessels, submarines etc.

Which mesh size to use in case of Diving Grade Soda Lime.

4-8 mesh is the most popular, and is probably adequate for diving purposes.

Color Indicator

Agrisorb is available in 2 forms:

With Indicator:
As the Soda Lime becomes less effective during use, the granules change their color.

Color Indicator is available in 2 types:

Pnk to white color on absorption of CO2 (Color Indicator as per I.P.)

White to violet color on absorption of CO2 (Color Indicator as per U.S.P.).

This color change should not be used to determine when to replace your absorbent, but simply as an indication of recent use.

Without Indicator::
Akron Care also manufactures Soda Lime (without indicator) i.e. white color granules that do not change in color on Co2 Absorption.